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For the Greater Good!

Freedom Wars is an interesting yet widely unknown IP Sony has created as a psVita exclusive. By gameplay standards it takes a stab at the "Monster Hunter" genre, while having some tricks of its own. Most of which is the game's overall "theme"... or the presentation of its world. Whether you've heard of this game or not, let me assure you - its a big Ol' slice of ORIGINALITY PIE.

Delicious original pie

Freedom Wars is set in a future where all human settlements are giant prison city states, or Panopticons. Watching and hearing everything... each panopticon controls what its citizens do. These Panopticons are in constant fights with one another to gather what little resources are left, be it materials or people. The player takes the role of a "sinner" which are the soldiers of the panopticons, where you either raid enemies or defend against them. read more